Travel as a volunteer!


Change the world, one smile at a time

“We make a living with what we receive, we make a living with what we give”.

Winston Churchill

Ready to start exploring?

This trip will transport you to the heart of the exotic Amazon jungle. Not only will you be left breathless by beauty, but you will be able to help hundreds of families in need! We will carry out volunteer work with more than 500 children through medical & dental assistance; emotional health workshops, sports, music, art and much more!

Ancestral Land

This trip will not only be an exploration of nature and culture, but also an opportunity to contribute to the well-being of local communities. Join us on this unique journey where adventure meets purpose!

The Peruvian Amazon occupies more than half of the country, with an area of approximately 780,000 km² whose limits touch the borders of Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia, countries with which it shares the Amazon rainforest. The so-called Peruvian Amazon Region (RAP) includes the Loreto, Ucayali, San Martín and Madre de Dios regions. Loreto is the most populated entity in the RAP, whether with settlers, mestizos or indigenous people, and the state that occupies the largest proportion, with 51% of the national Amazonian surface.


Day 1

We will land in Iquitos, Peru, the gateway to the magical Amazon. After settling in, we’ll head to the fascinating Serpentarium, where we’ll meet some of the most surprising creatures in the region. Get ready for a unique experience!

Day 2

We will be dedicated to immersing ourselves in the rich culture of the region. We will visit a native tribe to learn about their traditions, customs and ways of life up close. A unique opportunity to connect with the authenticity and reality of the Amazon and its inhabitants.

Day 3-6

The following days we will dedicate ourselves to drawing smiles through medical assistance, educational workshops, art, music and games. Bringing hope with every visit. The afternoons will be filled with exciting activities, and the nights will be illuminated with moments of worship that will touch our hearts.

Day 7

We are already reaching the end of an experience that will mark your life. You will return home with a feeling of purpose and satisfaction. Friends that you will keep for the rest of your life. And most importantly, with the certainty that you drew a smile in the heart of a child who will thank you forever.

HELPING others brings us closer as HUMAN BEINGS

According to the book The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky, when we serve others, it not only helps others feel closer to us, but it also helps us feel closer to others. “Being kind and generous leads you to perceive others in a more positive and charitable way.”


Travel date: July 19-26, 2024

  • 7 Nights – 8 Days
  • All the foods
  • Basic Insurance
  • Airport Transfers
  • 1 Night at Hotel
  • Boat Transfer in the Amazon
  • Walks through the Amazon

TOTAL COST: $575.00


Visit and explain one of the most impressive and beautiful wonders of the world.

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