The most frequently asked questions about our project, ambassadors, missionaries and trips…

General Questions


The most frequently asked questions about our project, ambassadors, missionaries and trips…

General Questions

Does Smiles donate money?

– No, we work by projects. We focus on low-income public schools, promoting education and health. These projects are led by our Ambassadors and Missionaries.

Do you only work with children?
– No, we also include families, since they are fundamental to the success of our programs.

Can only professionals participate?
– No, everyone is invited to be part of the projects. There is a place for you to develop your talent and passion.

What do the projects consist of?
– We propose at least three projects a year, such as Children’s Day, Back to School, and Shoe Box. These projects seek to meet basic needs and offer special days to children and their families.

What is the purpose of the projects?
– Supply basic needs for food, education and medical-dental care. We want the child and her family to feel special, cared for and loved.

What is the ABC of projects?
– Take the ambassador course, choose a community, confirm permissions, collect human and financial resources, coordinate the event, take promotional photos & videos and evaluate the project.

What activities are carried out?
– The projects include activities such as medical care, sports, music, crafts, reading, emotion workshops, painting, games, among others.

How do I organize a project?
– At least 3 months before, ask for permits, make a budget, assemble a team and collect resources. Invite participants at least 1 month before the event.

Who are the Smiles Ambassadors?
– They are people passionate about serving, they work as a team with the Smiles Foundation, plan and execute local events (projects), promote participation in projects and lead motivational events.

What are the benefits of being a Smiles Ambassador?
– Participate in leadership training, promotional incentives, annual ambassador meetings, and Smiles covers expenses at the Smiles Amazonas Camp.

Does it cost anything to be a Smiles Ambassador?
– Yes, the cost includes time, resources and effort to positively impact communities and families.

What does a Smiles Missionary do?
– They are volunteers who participate in missionary-educational projects of 9 to 12 months in an assigned country, working together with the Smiles Foundation.
How to be a Smiles Missionary?
– Defines the project, duration, date and place. Complete the registration form, and Smiles will cover personal expenses and necessary materials.

What is a Smiles Trip?
– 10-day missionary-educational trips, where volunteers from all over the world participate in educational programs and activities, coordinated by Smiles.
How to travel with Smiles?
– Define the experience, project, date and place. Complete the registration form, and enjoy an experience that will change your life.
Why do I have to pay?
– The funds go to the project and the child. Volunteers cover their personal expenses, accommodation, food and transportation.

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