Change the world, one smile at a time

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Much more than blue skies, crystal clear beaches and deep green mountains, Puerto Rico is known for the joy and charisma of its people. But there are many in need, forgotten… With your help this week we will bring joy, provide for needs, and change lives; one smile at a time!


  • The cost of the trip is USD 725 (includes: mentioned meals, accommodation, t-shirt, welcome gift, does NOT include plane ticket)
  • 50% of the total must be paid by March 1 – 100% total by May 15. 
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months after the date of Travel is required (For non US Citizens).
  • Passport not required for US Citizens.
  • Vaccines, convenient but not mandatory.
  • Itinerary and programming subject to change by the Smiles Foundation


GROUND TRANSPORTATION: Transportation from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport is included in the price only at scheduled times.

NON-SMOKING/ALCOHOL POLICY: Smoking or alcoholic beverages are not permitted in cars or places where the group is meeting/working during daily excursions.

HOTELS: In general, three-star hotels have been selected. Prices are based on double and triple occupancy. For single occupancy, there will be an extra charge.

MEALS: A total of 20 meals are included. There are 6 lunches, 7 dinners and 7 breakfasts

THE TOUR PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: (unless specifically indicated): Air tickets. Unspecified meals, extra hotel nights, transfers days outside the arrival and departure date already scheduled.

LUGGAGE: Each person is allowed one checked bag and one carry-on bag. A personal bag and camera case are also permitted. Remember that you must carry all your luggage, this is for ground transportation

DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS: The cost of the tour is USD$725.00 per person. It is recommended that you pay on the Smiles website: www.Drawsmiles.com. Checks/money orders must be made payable to FundaciónSmiles.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: This trip includes basic traveler medical insurance. If you like, you can hire a complementary one.

ITINERARY CHANGE: It is possible that the daily itinerary may be adapted due to unforeseen circumstances. Trip hosts reserve the right to make any itinerary adjustments deemed necessary for any reason.

CANCELLATION: In the event that a paying tour participant is unable to participate in the tour due to unforeseen circumstances, the following will apply: All cancellations are subject to a NON-REFUNDABLE/NON-TRANSFERABLE deposit of $150, per person. Full payment must be made 60 days prior to departure. Cancellations 6 months or more before departure will receive a full refund, less a $150 non-refundable deposit. Cancellations made 90 days or less before departure will receive 50% of the trip price, less a non-refundable deposit of $150. Cancellations within 60 days prior to departure will NOT receive a refund. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have travel insurance to protect in case of emergencies or valid cancellations. This optional travel insurance protection plan may cover some cancellation fees as long as the premium has already been paid and the reasons for cancellation are insurable. Cancellations must be submitted in writing and dated.

ROOMMATES: For those who have not chosen roommates, Smiles Foundation will endeavor to find suitable company for you, however, Smiles Foundation is not responsible for any noise/disturbance caused by roommates or any lost or stolen items attributed between roommates.

BED TYPES: Smiles Foundation will seek to provide requested bed types, however sometimes separate beds or double beds may not be available.

TRAVEL INSURANCE RESPONSIBILITY: Please note that the customer/traveler is responsible for immediate payment of replacement flights, meals, hotels or lost and stolen items. The customer/traveler must present the receipts to the travel insurance company to request a refund where applicable. Smiles Foundation can help in the document submission process.

FLIGHT CANCELLATION / DELAYS: Smiles Foundation is NOT responsible for rebooking flights in the event of delays.

AIRPORT PICKUP AND DEPARTURE PROTOCOL: Smiles Foundation offers pick-up services at predetermined intervals. However, any delay of more than 1.5 hours beyond the scheduled arrival time will incur a fee of $20.00.

PHOTO OF THE MAIN PAGE OF THE PASSPORT: Please return this form signed and initialed, as well as a photo of the first page of your passport to complete the hotel and entry procedures to tourist places.

VACCINES: Vaccine requirements vary completely in each country. We strongly recommend investigating the latest instructions that the government and health department have issued on official pages. We will be providing the most up-to-date information on this topic to the best of our ability.

CONFIRMATION: Once we receive your registration form, along with the initial payment that secures your place in the Project, we will confirm via email or WhatsApp that this step has been completed. All additional information, schedules, itineraries, etc. will be detailed in the information pamphlet. Please take the time to read this information in detail, which will undoubtedly make your trip an unforgettable experience.
We reserve the right to cancel, change or modify itineraries, programs or any other details caused by situations beyond our control.

MEAL PREPARATION: Our meals, for the most part, are vegetarian in nature. Some exceptions may be considered depending on where we are located. In most places, our staff personally supervises its preparation as well as the cleaning of the places where the food is served.

VISA: Doesn’t apply for USA citizens. Every other country should check the requirements to enter Puerto Rico, which is part of the United States.

DRESS: Although we do not require a specific dress code, we ask you to keep in mind that the tours are carried out in different cultures and traditions that we want to respect. We suggest decent, modest and comfortable clothing that is appropriate to the activities we will be doing. We reserve the right to intervene in this matter if any adjustment is necessary.

GROUP SAFETY: It is our priority to put the safety of each participant above all things. We share some recommendations that will help us meet our goal of keeping the group as protected as possible.
. Stay with the group at all times, or at least in groups of three. Never alone.
. Inform those responsible if you plan to leave the group during free times.
. We have information on nearby places for any medical need. Personal information about your medical condition is essential to facilitate any type of medical care, as well as properly completed and signed medical consent.

PROTOCOL ON HARASSMENT AND ABUSE: Sexual harassment, verbal and physical abuse, and the use of degrading words are completely prohibited during the duration of the project. Our team of lawyers will investigate any allegations of this type of misconduct and we will not hesitate to proceed according to the legality required in these cases.

CURRENCY: All prices in this document are American Dollars.

NOTE: We reserve the right of admission.
Prices and Itinerary are subjects to change.


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TOTAL COST: $725.00